Attendance Management


Attendance Processing

View real-time attendance digitally Configure attendance the way you want it You can configure:
1.Automatic daily bases attendance processing
2.Continuous absence alerts
3.Event notifications
4.Attendance regularization workflow
5.Monthly HR review and finalization facility
6.Manual override facility
Real-time reports
1.Attendance muster generation
2.Attendance consolidated reports


Completely efficient and reliableAttendance processing is completely robust when it's real-time sharing . Employees & managers need to fix all the issues ASAP and not at the end of the month. HR attendance management system handles all aspects with efficienctly. You experience blissful when attendance, leave and payroll are seamlessly integrated with secured manner.

Attendance take from various sources

Record real-time attendance Our attendance management software captures all the attendance data, not daily or weekly but in real time manner, from different sources. This data is seamlessly integrated with the payroll module system.Capture attendance from the ESS portal Capture attendance from third-party payroll hardware

Geo Mark system Attendance Marking feature

Capture attendance from mobile app. You can eliminate need for attendance devices

Extensive shift batch management

Create different shifts and associated policies Assign various shifts to employees